Friday, 20 July 2012

This one is for you, Mumsy.

About a Lady. 

The title, dear  reader,  is about one of the finest women that it has been my good fortune to have ever met. This lady is now of mature years, shall I say, but as bright as a button, loving and caring for her family in every way. She gives so freely, of love and herself, without any thought of return. A rare and most admirable quality in any person, but one that shines every day from this beautiful one. To protect her identity, I will call  her "K",

Now, "K", when I first met her, was busy preparing a meal for her family and myself. I had been invited to eat with them, I am not sure of the occasion, but I think it might have been Sunday lunch. I truly believe that I was treated from that first moment of introduction, as well as, if not better than, her own sons. That has continued since that day, long, long, ago.

"K", (oh, let's do without the speech marks if you don't mind dear reader), has three sons and a beautiful daughter. K's husband, let's call him, what? "B" is a good name, (again to protect the real identity), now no longer by her side in this life, but always with her in spirit and thought, he sadly died some years ago. I had the privilege to be with him in the last few moments of his life. He was amazing. He had the best sense of humour I have ever encountered, being able to laugh at himself, silly jokes, loving all of life and all of his family. On many occasions he has reduced me to a quivering wreck of mirth, crying with laughter over some silly action or remark. I miss him.

The thing is, dear reader, no matter what anyone says, you cannot beat quality. You cannot acquire, just like buying something, that which is born and bred into someone. Honesty, humility, love, understanding, a sense of purpose for everyone and everything and being satisfied with who you are and what you have. Both B and K had and have all those qualities in abundance. I know that B had a few near fatal scrapes in the war, but thankfully he came home, scathed but alive. B and K married and were blessed with children, their marriage lasting more than fifty years! How many people can boast of that nowadays. But boast is the wrong word dear reader, because neither B or K would do that, for they were and are quality.

When my Mum died some years ago, rather suddenly and a bit too early for us all, K took over her role, so to speak. She couldn't take my Mums place, nor would she want to, but she became my second Mum, giving encouragement and advice when needed. I call her Mumsy, an endearment that I hope she likes, I do.

I see K now and again, not as often as we might wish, but we keep in touch through the magic of the computer and by 'phone. Sometimes we are able to take a walk together, by the sea or in the country. Not too far because it can be tiring. I know that K loves to do this, get out and see people and places that are not always accessible to her. But not as much as I do. She's happy and fun to be with and I look forward to walking with her for many more years to come. Thanks for all you have done and still do for me K. Keep well and warm and I will see you soon for fish and chips and "walkies"!

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