Thursday, 19 July 2012

Builder Boy!

Oh Yes, Grandad is up and rock and rolling! Well, actually, all I have done is taken down a large wall, built some fencing, made two bird feeders and put those up as well! All in the last day and a half. Hell, I am not so old and useless as you think I am dear reader, in fact, my wife thinks I am great at everything, but then I think she might be easily pleased? That's all good then, as Seasick Steve would say. (Look him up, a fantastic chap).

If I get results with the wild birds, (it usually takes a few days, perhaps a week or even more, before the birds are happy to feed from newly installed features) I will attempt some photo's, then I would be proud to share them with you. Do not hold your breath dear reader, as I am a naff photographer, the birds will probably fly away before I can press the shutter and just what can go wrong? EVERYTHING. Haha. But, I will try. I may make mistakes in doing this, but as a great man (whose name escapes my senile mind once again) once said, "A man that never made a mistake, never made anything", you can credit me with this if you like, I don't mind. The worrying thing is, that just lately we have had some really strong winds and even gales combined with rain and since then we have seen so few birds in the garden and not even one squirrel, when before we always saw at least five or six different squirrels running along the fence every day. I just hope that these little creatures are well and just waiting for the good weather to arrive. Keep feeding them dear readers, they need all the help they can get, just like an old boy like me!

Below are the photo's of the wall (taken down to level the thing, it was the height of the first fence, now attached to the house) the new close-board fencing and also our bird feeders which will hopefully be used soon.

I have to give credit to esprit cabane, a great website that gave me the inspiration to make my own bird feeders,  please take the time to visit the site. I have no connection or affiliation whatsoever, but I would like to thank them for their posting which prompted my building them!

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