Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Stop, Look, Listen!!

Now, for those of you of a similar age to me, the title might well evoke memories of a campaign to get children to be careful when crossing the road. This post has absolutely nothing to do with crossing a road, but everything to do with the path that you are travelling upon.
As I mature in years (grow older then!) I see and hear things that were never apparent to me in my youth. I see beauty in the changing of the seasons. Spring, a time of growth and renewal, I love to watch things grow, especially my two wonderful sons. Summer, the season I love most of all, ("Sunshine on my shoulders", special people know what that means to me). Autumn, allows me to see colour and paint with the colours that I love to put on canvas or paper. Winter, well, not my favourite season, but a chance to be with my loved ones, sit by a good fire in the hearth, cook and make good food to eat and dream of wonderful things for us all in the coming year. Also, to feed and enjoy surely the most wonderful of God's creatures, the birds.
What do they do? Just crave to live, have children, feed them , nourish, nurture, and teach them to fly! My doctrine for life, my readers!
You see, I love living, I love my wife, (who's love is given so freely to me, but I don't deserve),  my children, I love nourishing them, I love nurturing them, but best of all I love it when they show me how fantastic they are, when they fly without my help!
(I used to think of it as the young eagles/ lions syndrome, challenging the Alpha male and then surpassing him). Both of my wonderful sons have proved beyond a doubt that they have surpassed me in every way, this is as it should be, I am proud to have been their teacher and mentor, I will be there for them all of my life on this earth and beyond. I must also say that they have taught me many things, probably without their knowing, I believe that every day is a "school  day"  for all of us.
This all helps to show me that I have tried to undertake the task that my God instilled in my soul. Live, love and give everything of yourself that you can, for it is only in giving freely that you can receive freely.
So....Laugh ,Love, enjoy every glorious day that you live and don't forget to stop, look and listen to all the wonders that surround you!


  1. grandad, you made mention earlier a campaign to encourage children to cross roads safely, It reminds me of the song that we were taught at school .....

    Listen little children, I've a tale to tell.
    All you little boys, and little girle as well;
    When you leave the schoolroom, when your at your play,
    there is always danger, list to what I say ....
    When you cross the road by day or night, beware of the dangers that loom in sight,
    Look to the left and look to the right, and you'll never never get run over.
    I just had to get it out, it has been going round in my head ever since you mentioned the incident.

  2. Georgina, thank you for your comment. A wonderful little song and didn't it do the job! You haven't forgotten it! That is how much our old teachers influenced our lives, if only the young were taught in such a way today, it would please my heart, because it was with love and concern for the well being of the pupils in their charge. Not only that, they were taught respect, not just for others but for themselves, a quality sadly lacking in so many people I see today. Keep reading, keep commenting, live long and prosper!