Friday, 13 July 2012

Wild Beauty!

A short post, this one, but one that might lead you another website worth a look!

I drive my wife to her place of work in the morning and collect her in the late afternoon when she finishes her part-time work. On the journey, through a very built up area, we travel along a road that has a small central reservation. On that patch of land, wild flowers have taken over, it is an amazing riot of colour. Red, blue, yellow and white blooms all with the backdrop of grasses and leaves, make it a stunning sight to cheer the heart on even the most dull of days. My wife particularly loves to see these brave wild plants growing against the odds, in this seemingly inhospitable piece of land. Which gave me a you have a moment dear reader?

Some of you might know that I love to paint. As in art, not decorating. So I thought it was about time that I painted something for my wife which she would hopefully enjoy. We both love walking in the countryside near our home and a path that we have often walked together sprang to mind. I combined this remembered scene with the wild flowers that she loves so much. When completed, I showed her the painting which, thankfully she loves. It is reproduced below, not a particularly good photo, but you will get the idea.

If you like the painting, please feel free to visit my website and look at the rest of my art, if you wish to contact me you may do so from the links, I will respond as soon as possible. There is always work in progress and more images that I should upload, so please visit the site as often as you wish. Just click on the link to view. 

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  1. I have read a recent article encouraging us to create beautiful highways and byways by scattering wild flower seeds wherever possible.Some country lovers have obviously started the ball rolling down your way grandad, let's hope many more will follow suit,and there will be acres of colourful wildlife for all to enjoy.,not only by the roadside, but in your beautiful paintings.

  2. Thank you Georgina for your kind comment. I must confess that I am never happier than when in the country, walking on my beloved South Downs with my beautiful wife, Carol. Wild things are so uplifting to see, flowers, deer, squirrels, but most of all I love to see/feed/photograph and just simply watch the most wonderful of all God's creatures, the birds. Live long and prosper, Georgina, please be kind enough to keep reading and commenting.

  3. Grandad, your love of the countryside evokes memories in each of us My earliest memories spring from when I was 7/8 and living in Essex. A man came to decorate the outside of our house and he turned out to be a great artist with pictures in the Royal Academy. He became a great friend to my sister, my brother and me,and we called him Nunky. He took us for many long walks,thriving on it, although we always arrived home exhausted.We w alked miles to get to Hadleigh Castle - it was almost a ruin, but to us it was magic.We lived very near to some woods, carpeted in bracken, and bluebells when the season was right, and later we picked blackberries, mushrooms and chestnutsfrom trees which grew in abundance.There is no end to it is there Grandad, there is always something in our wonderful world that is worthy of praise. .

  4. Thank you Anonymous. you are right, there is always something in this wonderful world that is worthy of praise. My wife and I still pick the free fruits of the countryside, every year, go mushrooming in Autumn, etc. Have you noticed how wild fruit and berries are ready much earlier that usual these few past years? Keep reading, I will try and evoke some more memories!