Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bleeders and Feeders

"Bleeders and Feeders". Now you might think that this is a strange title for a blog. Not at all, my faithful readers, as these are the terms I use for two very different types of people. Now "bleeders" are the sort of people that always seem to be needing something from you, time, emotional energy, sympathy, sorting their problems, most of which are quite trivial and easily resolved by themselves, if only they took a different point of view. By this I mean that they are quite capable of sorting things out but they choose to think negatively and put their problems on your shoulders, expecting everything, yet give nothing in return. Their glass is half empty. They bleed you of energy and enthusiasm and leave you feeling drained, whereas before they spoke with you, all was relatively OK in your world.

"Feeders", on the other hand, have the same everday problems, may tell you about them, but sort it out themselves. They also have the outlook that there is always a way to solve a problem, even if it needs a bit of help and the solution is not evident at first. They will solve it. Their glass is half full.
When they talk with you, enthusiasm is there, encouragement and positive thinking. When they leave you, you feel uplifted, eager to get on with things and have a positive approach.

Now, don't get me wrong, most of us can be dispirited for a while, myself included, but the "feeders"get over this quickly and look to see how they can solve the problem. I have been told that I normally have a positive outlook and previous workmates have always commented on my enthusiasm when faced with tasks and I hope that this is still the case. A "can do" attitude. Someone famous whose name has slipped from my memory once said "If you think you can, or think you can't, you are probably quite right."

So, make the choice today, it is in your hands, be a "feeder". You will find your life becoming easier and a lot more people will be happy to be with you and share your enthusiasm. May the force be with you!


  1. What you say is very true, I have spent time with many "bleeders" who often ignore any helpful suggestions you may have and seem to almost "glory" in their misery. You definitely end up feeling very drained and like you've lived their misery with them! Often these people are nowhere to be found when you have a problem to share yourself, funny that!

  2. Thank you for your comment Anonymous. I have always found the "bleeders" that I have encountered in life seem to lack something within. They seem to seek attention through bad or unsociable behaviour, which only pulls the people around them, family, friends and the ones that really care about them down. They diminish the simple pleasures, also sometimes withdraw, deny communication, why? I have no idea. In this world, you have to share, trust, enjoy just being alive and enjoying the wonderful world that surrounds us every day. I will post a blog on this as soon as I can my friend, if I might call you so. Until then, keep strong. Nil Illegitimum Carborundum, as a last resort!