Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Not equal, but different.

Not equal, but different. An unusual title for my latest thought dear reader, but appropriate. Having been born a male and have so far been very pleased to be so, I want to talk about men and women being equal. Oooh yes, I can hear the interest and your opinions already taking shape as I type. It seems that in this PC day and age everyone wants to be the same, instead of enjoying the differences. As you might know dear reader, I am a PC free area now, as I am retired and can now speak as I have always thought.

Now, some of you may have noticed that there is a difference between men and women. Good, I won't have to explain that bit then.
The Chinese have the philosophy of Yin and Yang, two opposites dependent upon one another to make the whole. Thus, I believe it is the same with men and women. Without my wife, I would be incomplete and it is the same for her, or so she assures me. Are we equal though? Answer, no. Now before you go off and assume that I am being sexist (I loathe that word) or chauvinistic (another loathed word), I am not. Let me explain dear reader.....

I am able to do various tasks more easily in this life than my wife can. Equally, (I thought I would throw that word in to keep the interest) she can do various tasks more easily than I might manage. That is the difference between us, but by both working together, we make the whole. For instance, I am physically stronger and able to work for longer at the tasks that require this attribute. My wife is perfectly capable of doing these tasks, but not as well. She however, is brilliant at taking care of our home, ensuring that we have all we need in the day to day routine of things. I could do them, but I would have to find the washing machine instructions first and then hope that everything did not turn a uniform shade of colour when it should be white. Small stuff I hear you say, not to me dear reader, not to me.

We both enjoy what we are. Let me tell you a short story, are you ready?......

Not long ago, I was in the shopping centre (a moment of utter madness, not to be repeated unless absolutely necessary) and was about to enter a large store. At the same time, a young lady approached the door. Being a courteous man I opened the door for her so that she might go in first. She turned to me and said, in a haughty voice, "I am quite capable of opening a door for myself thank you." I was quite shocked as you might imagine. After my initial surprise, I gathered my wits and replied. "OK then, do just that". I walked through the door in front of her, then firmly closed the door behind me. The security chap who was standing just inside the door and had witnessed the event could barely suppress his laughter. "Game, set and match to me then",  I said to him as I passed by. "I couldn't possibly comment", he said, smirking from ear to ear, which said everything! By the way, I always open doors for my wife, she enjoys the courtesy and appreciates the thought. What happened to the signs saying "Ladies" and "Gentlemen"? They have been replaced by "stick people" notices, truly a sign of the times. As the French and I say, Vive le difference!

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