Thursday, 5 July 2012

Grandad builds three terraced houses by himself!

Oh, yes, my faithful readers, I am building three terraced houses without any help. I kid you not. I shall be posting photo's of the work in progress so that you can see for yourselves that I speak the truth.

Well, alright then, I will own up. The terraced houses are for sparrows. They are a gregarious bird, which means that they do not mind being in close proximity to other sparrows which are nesting, in fact that does not matter to them at all. So..... I am building a house/terrace that may (hopefully) be a home to three pairs of sparrows. There will be an on-going blog about this, as I have been encouraged by various followers to include some photo's. (Wow, a bit of a challenge to an old boy like me).

I will do my best to upload a few pictures of my primitive efforts, which will  help in making things clear as to what I am trying to do and construct. If anyone would like any details regarding the construction/dimensions of the terrace, please feel free to comment and I will respond as soon as I am able. Now, hopefully, there are some pictures that you might like to view, as follows..... Please don't forget, that this is work in progress, I will post other images as my building work for the sparrows continues. Keep watching and please post your comments, they are much appreciated, not just by me, but also by my wonderful family.

Basic  box, 18mm thick plywood, screwed together, holes filled with exterior filler.
Top view.
Top view, three sections, awaiting drilling of entrance holes.

New post very soon!

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  1. Good work! Glad to see the building going so well, i shall look forward to seeing the completed box.