Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The best four letter word in the English language!

OK my faithful readers, I have previously written a post on the worst four letter word in the English language, that leads on now to one of the best, if not the finest! So....
what do you think it might be?

Love, I hear you say, yes a good one, spread it like there is no tomorrow, one day you will be right.  Hope, pray, read, make, help, cook, draw, sing, hear, look, chat, care, all great four letter words!

But the best by far is that lovely sounding word FREE!
Not, on this occasion the greatest group that ever played amazing music, (if you haven't heard of them because you are younger than 30 or so, then look them up and listen, give your ears and senses a treat).

Now some of you might interpret this word in different ways. Is it to be free as in not to be enslaved? Free to think? Free to speak? Free to travel as and where you wish? Free from debt? Free from hunger or thirst? Free from authority or restriction? I agree with all of these, but the free I mean relates to having no cost. Free as in " I was given or offered this for free". Nice! Oops, sorry once more Mr. Walsh.

FREE! No Charge, take it, take what you want, take it all! The reason that this post is being written is because there is so much that others consider useless and give away free, because they might not have thought about another use for the item, can't be bothered to attend to it or they are just plain useless. Well, my faithful reader, only a few days ago I was at a farm shop when what should catch my eye? A trolley with some very sorry looking plants on and a notice saying all plants on the trolley are free. Oh how my heart leaped in delight and excitement. I quickly found a plastic bag (recycled of course) and filled it with a variety of these plants. Returning home, I immediately put the plants in the shade, watered them copiously and later on re-potted each one. Two days later, after receiving more water and some feed, two are flowering! All 21 of them are looking well and growing strong. All because Grandad gave a bit of love and attention to them. What did this cost? Nothing!

See, I told you, the best four letter word in the English language is FREE!

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