Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Great Day!

Oh , yes, dear reader, a few days ago was a special celebration for our family, as not only was my wonderful wife born on this day, but also the youngest of our two fabulous sons. Now, to describe men as fabulous might seem a bit strange to some of us dear reader, (except for those that now live in this modern world), no offence! But the fact remains that they are. They have qualities that I envy beyond all others and which I sadly lack. They are kind, thoughtful, loving, giving, tolerant, gracious and the sort of men that I wish I had become in my long life. In short, I wish I was as good as them, but that can never be. Now, don't get me wrong, they are both Alpha males, as I hope that I have taught and encouraged them to be, as I am and will always remain. If you have a problem with that dear reader, then look up Lions, Alpha males, etc on the internet. Remember Foxtrot Oscar if you disagree, because I couldn't care less, for we are talking about men here, PC free areas, especially me. Comments welcome!

Having spoken about being a man/alpha male, it is because we appreciate our superb lady companions/ partners/ wife’s, that we can be like this, for they revel in what they are, as do we. Regarding my beautiful lady wife. What can I say? How is it that an old git like me has been blessed to have a woman of such high calibre as a wife. She dear reader, has and always will be, the wind beneath my wings. It truly amazes me every day that she loves me, even with all my (numerous) faults. I am a lucky man. As on a previous post VIVE LE DIFFERENCE! Read that one, if you have a few moments and a mind to. It has made the world turn for a long time, far longer than even I can remember and it works! Live long and prosper dear reader, until the next time.....

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