Monday, 24 September 2012

Page views and comments.

Page views and comments.

Wow, I never expected the page views that I have had! Well over three thousand since I started my ramblings, only  just over a couple of months ago! They have come from England (expected of course), America, Australia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Africa and others. I thank you all for taking the time to read what an old git like me has to say. For those of you that do not understand "old git" please be kind enough to Google it!

But, there is always a but isn't there? So many of my friends and family that read my rants/opinions do not comment! Why? Please, please, feel free to add your own views/comments/opinions. I love it!

I will never take offence at what you say or how you feel, as all who know me will testify. Even if I were to do so, I can moderate or eliminate your reply if it is offensive. Believe me, it has to be seriously offensive for me to do that. If in doubt, look at my previous posts regarding PC correctness, I am a PC free area, (note area, not zone, no apologies to our American cousins, once again). So, please read, enjoy, but above all comment! That is what life is about, having alternative or corresponding views, a little something to add, an anecdote or just something you want to get off of your chest! Do it, NOW!

Please pay attention, ANONYMOUS! 
Your comments have been very well received and hopefully responded to by myself in the same manner. You have not posted a comment for some time, which I must confess I miss (when I get bored, LOL!).

I thank all of my readers and hope that you will continue to read my rantings/ advice for a long time to come. Until the next time, I wish you well, regards, Grandad.....


  1. Grandad, I do enjoy reading your blogs especially when you nearly always have very similar views to the ones that I feel. Therefore I and probably lots of other people out there never feel the need to express any views because you say it all for us Grandad, in the most eloquent way. All I can say is, and again probably lots of others, keep up the good work Grandad, we need your blogging!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I hold many values that are considered nowadays to be old fashioned, but are so close to my heart and I make absolutely no apologies for that. I am really glad that you feel that what I have to say is of value, and hopefully, many of my amazingly diverse readers feel the same. I can hardly believe that my thoughts are read by so many people, in so many different countries, it makes me feel rather humble and privileged to be able to pass on my experiences and lessons in life.

  2. another Not Anonymous
    luv-a-duck Grandad, I believe I may have sussed out your identity- you have just got to be that chatty geezer who haunts the countryside with plastic containers, collecting mushrooms, and all manner of edible berries for making wine, chutney, and a wide assortment of delicacies for the enjoyment of you and your lovely lady.Keep up the good work Grandad, these fruits need to be picked to make way for good crops next year.
    The blackberries are rather pippy this year, but mixed with some apple and served in a crumble with ice cream or custard -delicious ! Could you delight us with one of your delectable recipes now and again, or are you determined to save them for
    "Grandad's Recipes, First Edition"

  3. Ah, Bless you, you are nearly there! Most of what you say is the truth, but my true identity will always remain a closely guarded secret, known only to my family and closest friends. As for the blackberries being "pippy", why are you wasting them with apples making a crumble?

    Blackberry, Elderberry, Apple, Crab-apple, Sloes, make wonderful wine and liqueurs, if you have the knowledge and recipes. Some perhaps for the book you suggested!