Sunday, 9 September 2012

Last Night of the Proms! OH, YES!

Oh Wow, do I love this. So does Lady Perry. Forget the Olympic opening/closing ceremonies, they pale into insignificance compared to the last night of the Proms! Fabulous music, played by people that are so talented that it is beyond my comprehension, but give so much pleasure to so many other ordinary people like myself. I and Lady Perry are often reduced to tears of emotion just having the privilege of listening to music of such quality.

Elgar, Land of Hope and Glory, (when WILL that become our national anthem instead of the dreary dirge that is God save the Queen) and Jerusalem, absolute magic! I tell you, Land of Hope and Glory is such a magnificent and inspiring piece of music, you could make me go to war for you on that, (anyone that really knows me also knows how peaceful I am)  but God save the Queen? No, I would just turn around and go back to bed!

However,..... read on dear reader, if you would be so kind.......

The sea shanties, always popular and funny, we love them. But, the tenor, a Maltese chap, (absolutely wonderful people, we have been to Malta, had fantastic holidays, food and hospitality and will go again and again) Joseph Calleja, was amazing. If you, (as did I) think that Pavarotti was the master, (forget Carreras, Domingo, they are just supporting players in my opinion). Joseph, I predict, here and now, will be the King of opera for many decades. He sings with passion, notes held for so long I get out of breath just listening, awesome power and completely effortless singing, he just seems to enjoy every moment, as do I and Lady Perry. I thank him for making me cry with the build-up of emotion, just from hearing his wonderful voice. I must now state that I do not cry very often, being a hard hearted and life hardened old sod, but some people, (very few) can make this happen. Yes, this means you my lovely old mate, you know who you are.

But, back to the old post/blog. Classical music has stood the test of time and will always do so. Why? Because it is created by the best composers that have ever existed in the world, played by the best musicians in the world and  sung by the best singers in the world.

I ask you this, compare a modern piece of crap called rap, (does that stand for repetitive, antagonistic, puke?) Oh yes, I believe you are with me there, dear reader, to the music of Beethoven or Berlioz. These today’s pathetic "wannabes" (apologies, modern word, forgive me, Mr. Walsh) have no talent, no voice and can not, nor will be anything other than a manufactured studio rendition of what ? Yes, you have guessed it crap.

Of course, there are some of you that might readily disagree. It is not your fault. It is because you have not been exposed to the true majesty of real music, live orchestras, opera at its best, (try La Boheme, it always makes me cry) it is one of the most famous and best love stories in the world.

Please comment, I look forward to it......

Until the next time, Grandad

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