Saturday, 1 September 2012

Getting Older, Getting Better!

Now some of you might think that the title is a bit of a contradiction. "Au contraire", as my loveable French associate Mr. Marmery might say. Allow me to enlighten you dear reader. As everyone knows, when we get older, some things get taken away from us. We become a little slower, weaker, less confident in dealing with what were once minor problems, etc. But, unlike the athlete that has reached his peak at say 30 years of age and then it is all downhill from there until you are completely useless at 40, artists reign supreme!

I wish I had a quid for every time someone has said to me, "But you have a gift, a real talent, you are so lucky, I could never do anything like that". I would have enough to pay my bus fare into Brighton (Yes, it is that expensive and I haven't got my bus pass yet as some twit decided that although I am well over 60, "There are rules and guidelines, we can't give them out just like that". So I have to wait another few months because my birthday is after the official date. Who decides these things? The ESN? No, I mustn't answer my own question, my solicitor is busy enough at the moment! But I digress.

Some people say to me that my ability to paint is a gift, but they haven't seen the blood, sweat and sometimes tears that have been expended over the years in order to get this far in doing something that I love with a passion. It seems the more I practice, the luckier  and better I get at it! That is what I am talking about, the older I get, the better will be my painting. It doesn't depend on strength, youth, income, or any of the things that we lose as we mature. It depends on me "seeing", learning what colours will be best in a painting, how they react with each other and using the knowledge already gained to make the next painting the best one. Then after that the next, then the next, etc. I have also been fortunate enough for various people who have appreciated my work  to have purchased my paintings. The first one I sold was a small watercolour of a mouse reaching up to investigate a ripe blackberry, that was a long time ago for me now, and I have sold more that I can remember, but believe me, you never forget the first one you sell!

If you are thinking of starting with this wonderful hobby, I must strongly advise you to never stop. Never give up if you have a "failure". Keep those, for when you look back at them in years to come, you will be able to see just how far you have progressed! You may also be able to rescue some of them because of your new found knowledge. Then, one day, you will paint something that really pleases you and hopefully someone else, so much so that they want to purchase your work. As I said, you will never forget the first one you sell.

I shall leave you with something to ponder.

Artists do it by design
Artists do it expressively
Artists do it with creativity
Artists do it with emotion
Artists do it with flair
Artists do it with longer strokes

Remember, paint, paint, paint!

Until the next time, all the best, Grandad.

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