Wednesday, 8 August 2012

This one is for you "Gramps"

This one is for you "Gramps"

"Gramps", I remember the nickname with more affection than I can possibly say. It was the nickname of my wonderful father-in-law, a fabulous husband to "Mumsy", grandfather to our lovely sons, father to my amazing wife (she has to be amazing to put up with me over all these years, dear reader!) and quite simply a man whose qualities that I would like to have as I mature. 

Now, "Gramps", or G, as I will refer to him from now on, had an amazing life. He was in the Royal navy, came under enemy fire on numerous occasions, his vessel was sunk, he survived various injuries, oil in his lungs, but, he endured all of this to become a man that I had the privilege of meeting, knowing and becoming a part of his family.

I will always remember the times when he played with our sons, laughing, crying with laughter a lot of the time, as I did myself, taking them to his workshop, letting them cut up pieces of old wood for fun and just rejoicing in the fabulous relationship of the old teaching the young. Whenever we went to see him and Mumsy, G always had something for our young sons to occupy them. It could have been an old game previously stored in the loft, comics, marbles, wooden skittles, etc. Simple pleasures for our boys, given with thought by a chap that loved to be with them and see them grow. I sincerely hope that when it becomes my time that I am as good a "Gramps" as you were.

Thanks "G" for being part of our lives, you certainly enhanced not only mine, but all of your family, may God hold you in his arms and shower love upon you every moment.

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