Thursday, 16 August 2012

Never Bullshit a Bullshitter!

Bit of a title that one, dear reader, I hope that I haven't caused you to be too distressed by my plain speaking or overcome with "the vapours" as our ancestors used to say. If I have, hard cheese as they also used to say! 
So, you are waiting for the story then, it goes like this.......

Recently I took it upon myself to view a property for sale. Accompanied by my good wife, Lady Perry, we arrived in our vehicular transportation at the appointed time to meet with the agent. Now, as all of you that know me, I am NEVER late. Early, yes, by a few minutes or so out of old fashioned courtesy and consideration, (thanks for that lesson Mum) but I repeat, NEVER late.
The "agent" was late however, by about ten to fifteen minutes. Now I had driven approximately fifteen miles to view this property, but he had driven about two. Good start then old son, I am not amused already.

Having met the agent, who looked as if he should have been at school, except that it was the holiday time, he weakly apologised for his lateness, did not bother to shake my hand and introduce himself and virtually ignored my wife. Bad move. His appearance was neat and tidy, but oh the shoes! Modern, long blunt toed as seems the fashion, fair enough. But, they needed a darn good clean, it looked as if he had just finished a hard game of football whilst wearing them. Now, what does this matter you might say. I will tell you. It matters a lot and I mean a LOT. First impressions are lasting ones, so he has first of all been late and then doesn't seem to care about his appearance, which he should do as he surely wants to appear professional. His errors continue dear reader, if you have a moment......

We proceeded to enter the property. Whilst viewing the house, I asked some questions regarding the alterations that had been carried out, additional works that should be officially documented, etc. This lad, (well, most are when compared to my mature years) could not answer one question with any clarity or certainty, despite being the one that is trying to sell the house on behalf on the client. I quickly realised that he had met me poorly prepared, (if at all), unable to answer the most basic and I mean basic questions, (remember in previous posts, my former life having a business as a builder) and worst of all dear  reader, he waffled and tried to bullshit. Bad move old son.

Now, in an even more previous life, I was in sales, sales management and trained salesmen in their task. I instructed them never to give out bull, one can smell it a mile off. So I know what I am talking about. First impressions in any walk of life are important. As humans, we evaluate each other all the time, on appearance, manner, speech, etc. It is said that we make up our minds whether we like someone or not within five minutes or less, when first meeting them. I believe this to be true and have always trusted that "gut feeling" when dealing with people. Now I had nothing against this lad, he was trying his best and failing spectacularly, but never, never bullshit. If you are selling something to someone and don't know the answer to their question straight away, tell them. Tell them also that you will find out and get back to them. Take a contact number so that you can. People in general respect this and will not mind, just so long as you do what you say you will and get back to them!

The moral of all this? Have respect for yourself and others will respect you, look the part and like the good old boy scout, be prepared. Remember, prior preparation prevents p*ss poor performance. As for the property? No, I don't think so lad, thank you.

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