Saturday, 18 August 2012

Football is Back!

Football is Back! Oh joy beyond words, the Premiership season starts today, Lady Perry and I can once again wear our team shirts, listen, watch and support the very best of the best. Now, what is our team you ask. Get real chummy, as if I am going to tell you just so that you can post silly comments and have me remove them from my Blog. I might be old but stupid I am not! It's like this face-book and twitter stuff, or farce-book and shitter as we call them. Used by many people to tell the world that they have just had a hamburger and fries (chips, to you and I dear reader. Another blog post on chips soon, really exciting stuff!) as if anyone is remotely interested. Do I use them? Now you are really insulting me! But back to the real subject.....

Footy, how Lady Perry and I love it! I still remember my lovely wife's face when I first took her to our old stadium, (bit of a give away there dear reader) walking up the steps, standing at the top and she just stared and said, "Oh wow". I knew then that she was hooked. So now we are in the realms of team-shirts, with numbers, visits to the shop, etc.
do I mind? Not a bit! My wife now very nearly understands the offside rule (unlike a lot of referees and linesmen). I like using the term linesman, that is exactly what the chap does, runs the line. Now, I am not going to criticise referees too much as I personally know one and also used to work with him. He is a thoroughly good egg and not biased in any way, as far as I know. I shall try and get him to wear our team shirt under the official garb, but really don't hold out much hope of him doing so!

The sun is shining, the radiogram is tuned into the football news, our team shirts are clean and ready, tea is being enjoyed  contained of course in official team mugs, the time is fast approaching that of the first kick-off, oh joy, what more could a chap want, except that we give our opponents a lot of work picking the ball up out of their net and we keep a clean sheet. Come on lads, three points for us please.

Until the next time, all the best, Grandad .........


  1. Finally some decent football to watch after that farce which was the Euros! Another Facebook favourite is "going on holiday tomorrow!!!" (Please come and burgle my house...) I've got to keep up with the kids somehow so I only use Facebook, like you I don't get Twitter.

    ***Swipes iPhone dramatically***

    1. Thanks for the comment. Like you I despair at the number of incredibly stupid people that blatantly tell complete strangers in the supermarket/shop/farcebook contacts that they are going on holiday. The nasty people that would have their hands cut off as punishment for theft in other countries, must be rubbing their hands together in anticipation of easy pickings. Which gives me another idea for a post, thanks!