Thursday, 26 December 2013


Yes, that's right, I spent Christmas morning on the beach with my wife, eldest son and his girlfriend. We got up early and were on the train just after 8a.m. a quick change at Central station and then on to the ferry to Manly beach. A short walk along the main shopping parade, lots of cafes and food shops already open and of course, St. Matthew's church, just a little way from the beach. I just had to go in and say a prayer and talk to God for a moment, giving thanks for all the things he provides in my life. The important things. Family, health, food, shelter and the ability to enjoy all of those things.

The weather when we left was uncharacteristically cloudy and threatening rain. Yes, honestly!
Well, I have travelled half way around the earth, to another continent and I am going to be on the beach on Christmas day no matter what chummy. It was amazing, when it did rain we were either on the train or the ferry. Then when we were walking, it stopped! Magic!

After reaching Manly beach we went on the short walk to Shelly beach, a lovely spot and one of our favourites. Beach shelter set up, down to swim gear, snorkelling equipment sorted, into the water. At first it seemed quite cool, but we soon got used to it and were so glad we did. We saw loads of fish, many different species and colours. The best of all though, were the three huge flatfish that we saw. They have the absolute perfect disguise, blending in so well with the sand that they are almost impossible to spot until they move. When they did, they provided the wow factor of the day.

We eventually returned to the beach shelter and dried off. Lovely sausage sandwiches, both pork and kangaroo, some chicken and lamb. the weather then started to look like rain again, so we packed up and started the walk back to the ferry. Lucky or what? It started to rain, but not heavily, we timed our visit to perfection. Back on the ferry and a half hour trip to Circular Quay, the hub of Sydney's ferries.
Back to our Australian home, happy to have done another "first", Christmas day on the beach.

In the evening, a wonderful Skype conversation with our youngest son and his girlfriend. That was so lovely to talk "face to face" with them again after being here over a month. The time seems to have whizzed by as we have done so much already. Still lots of time to enjoy this marvellous place, lots to do and see.

Until the next time, take care of each other, all the best, Grandad.......

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