Thursday, 28 November 2013


Well now, it has been  a little while since my last post. I do hope all my faithful followers will forgive me and understand that I have had a lot to do to prepare for this trip. Where is Grandad? You might well ask. Presently, I am on the other side of the world to where I live, visiting loved ones and enjoying a well earned and well deserved holiday with my good lady wife. Yes, you have guessed correctly, we are in Australia!

The flights were absolutely wonderful, business class and worth every single penny. Collected and transported by limousine to and from the airport. Special priority check-in, executive lounges with superb food and wine, great champagne and spirits. Then, priority passport and security clearance, priority boarding, escort to our seats and welcome aboard! Nothing has been too much trouble, anything that you feel you require is on hand within moments. Lie-flat seats, additional mattresses, pillows, loads of films to watch, food cooked to order, wine list that anyone would be happy with, Dom Perignon or Moet Chandon champagne and as much as you want. 30 year old brandy and whisky, snacks, liqueurs, super cheeseboard and fine chocolates. Magic!

It all makes the journey seem so easy and enjoyable. The time difference has not seemed to have affected us, as we tried to adjust during the flights to Australian time, which is currently 11 hours ahead of England. So we are just as we would be, body clocks all sorted.

This really is only our second day here in Sydney, but we have already sussed out the local shops and produce. The food here makes England look like a 6th world country. The meat, vegetables and fruit are of the highest order and quality, with very little difference in cost which has surprised us a little. Yesterday we went for a stroll though one of the many parks here, crossing rivers, walking through mangroves, (yes, really!) and enjoying the warm sunshine and clear blue skies. For my artist friends, who shall remain nameless, (John, Dave and Rod), the sky is a wonderful, cloudless, ceruleum blue, with just a touch of cobalt blue at the top.

I must go now, as we are going to the pool again to cool down and relax. I know, it is tough, but someone has to do it, so why not me?

Until the next time (which will be very soon), take care of each other, all the best, Grandad.

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