Saturday, 30 June 2012

First thoughts, first blog!

I have to thank my eldest son for setting this blog up, so to speak, as I have very limited knowledge of technical stuff like that. It is in response to continued and relentless requests from a life-long and highly respected friend of mine who shall remain nameless, called Kevin. No bad jokes please, that is his real name, now made famous in my blog!

Now, Kevin and I sometimes go walkabout together and talk about man stuff. If that offends any ladies or others out there, I apologise in advance, (yeah, right), as I must inform you that I am a child of the 1950's (very early 1950's) and have no interest in being politically correct, nor to offend anyone intentionally by my thoughts or actions.

However, I would like the chance to pass on some of my hard earned lessons in life, wisdom, opinions (some of which you might agree/disagree with), experiences, in a way that you might find interesting and agreeable. This blog is all new to me, as I usually just have a chat and a laugh with good mates who always forgive an old bloke like me for what I say or think, as I do with them.

Now, what have I got to say, you might ask. Well, I will talk about everything that has influenced my life, my family (without giving any personal details), the people that I have met and changed me and all the things that have led me to this time. The time when I have never been more content with what I am, an ordinary man, with a love for learning, family and good traditional values that work and have stood the test of time.

I may have the inclination to post hourly, daily, weekly or otherwise. It is rather the same way I feel about my art, sometimes I will paint three pictures in a day, another might take a week or longer, perhaps months when it is for an exhibition. Such is life. Please be kind enough to look at my blog and perhaps follow what an old chap like me has to say. You may have the good fortune to learn something of value as I have done many times, through listening to my fantastic wife and our amazing sons.

To be continued.....very soon!


  1. This website will reflect a good deal of what many people think about during their later years who don't always have the time or the inclination to put into truthful words to share with the world. I wish you every success and enjoyment with your new venture.

  2. Thank you for your comment Cush. However, I should like to point out that I do not consider this time to be my "later" years. I hope to have many more decades ahead of me (healthy ones please Lord) because I have so many interests and things that I wish to accomplish, not just in my art, but in everything! So let this time be considered as just two thirds of the way through my personal journey in life, the best is yet to come!

  3. Good luck John, hope many others enjoy your writings, rantings and your art..."I shall remain nameless"

  4. Will you be sharing your art on your blog John as it would be a great place to showcase your artistic talents? I know this is mainly to share your thoughts in writing but perhaps you have some photos/pictures to share to accompany some of your writings? Good luck with it all!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, absolutely, I will be uploading a new post, hopefully today, with a picture. There will also be a link to my website where examples of my art can easily be perused, hopefully enjoyed and revisited. I have a lot more paintings around the studio that need to be uploaded to the site and I will do this when time permits. I need another ten or so hours in the day to do all I want! Please keep reading and commenting, it is very encouraging for me to receive feedback.